Who Are We?

People just like you who have traveled extensively; with & without our families. Collectively we have been traveling for 60+ years. In that time we have gained valuable knowledge that we use to assist in planning your perfect vacation.  Real life experience is valuable when assisting with booking a vacation; one cannot obtain worldly knowledge by sitting at a computer & reading. We enjoy exploring new places & feel like it's all about the journey along the way - not only the destination.

We want you to know the benefits of using our Vacation Planners. Our services are FREE TO YOU. We receive compensation from the companies your vacation is book through. It NEVER comes out of nor is it added to your vacation amount.

Another added benefit to you is that should an issue arise leading up to or while you are on vacation we are here to resolve it on your behalf. If you book your own vacation you do not have the assistance from a seasoned travel professional; these issues will be yours to resolve, which can be both frustrating & time consuming. We know the ins and outs that can arise in preparing for & after you are on your trip. Our job is to be sure that the process leading up to & through your vacation is stress free. Solving some issues can be difficult on your own as many found out during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our Vacation Planners know the importance of sharing vital health information & important government information pertaining to our clients travel plans. This information is to inform you of any thing we feel you need or want to know while you are traveling. We share this information with our clients & make it available on our site for your convenience. We want to keep our clients both safe & up to date on travel information. We also have a medical professional on our team of Vacation Planners. This is an added benefit!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know who we are. We hope you will take advantage of our experience for all of your booking needs. 


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